We are The Birthday Box!

The Birthday Box is a non-profit organization that provides children in need with an opportunity to blow out candles and make a birthday wish on his or her special day. A birthday celebration is delivered to our partner organizations, and presented anonymously to its recipients. 

Our mission is to grant children-in-need the opportunity to enjoy a birthday celebration, regardless of a families’ financial status.

Every year, as we watch our children’s faces light up as they blow out the candles on their birthday cake, we know they will remember that moment forever and look forward to next year with the same anticipation and excitement. Having a birthday celebration, blowing out candles on a cake and opening a gift, seems very routine to many of us, but sadly, there are many children who never experience that joy. The Birthday Box gives struggling families an opportunity to give a birthday party to their child that would not otherwise be possible. This program is a great way to teach our children about those less fortunate who live right in their own community.

The Birthday Box has locations in New Jersey (headquarters), and Maryland, We encourage you to become involved with The Birthday Box and help us give a memorable birthday celebration to any child who needs one.

About The Birthday Box

The Birthday Box concept originated from a mom, in central NJ in 2010, who was planning her child’s 4th birthday party. She was making her usual birthday party check-list of things to do. Top on the list was “Order Birthday Cake.” What picture and type of cake would her son want this year? One of her kid’s most favorite things to do around birthday time was to pick out a special cake. Their eyes would light up and excitement filled their entire beings.

Party day arrived and 30 preschoolers partied for 1 hour and then stuffed themselves with some yummy chocolate Star Wars cake. She took a step back from the excitement to look around the party and the stack of birthday presents that layered one whole wall. There was a tower of gifts. Did her son really need all of these gifts? What about less fortunate children who never have a celebration like this or even receive one gift at birthday time? She discussed this idea with a friend during that party and that is when The Birthday Box idea was born. This mom knew she had to try to provide needy children with an opportunity to have a birthday celebration, no matter the financial status of the family. Every child should have a chance to have a delicious cake, blow out candles and make a special wish as they turn 1 year older. And of course every child should open a birthday present on that day as well.

The Moms partnered and their kids are now involved in assembling the birthday boxes. The Birthday Box program has been a great tool in teaching their children about the gift of giving and the priceless lesson of owning an appreciation for what they have.

How The Birthday Box Works:

We do not work directly with individual families, and we do not meet the children who receive boxes. Our priority is to provide an amazing birthday to a child, while the team that prepares the birthday box remains anonymous to them. We only work with organizations for this purpose.

Local outreach programs and centers we have connected with provide us with the first name, age, gender and birth date of the child in need. Each child and family remain completely anonymous in this program. The Birthday Box staff assembles a “party in a box”, including a fresh cake (or cake mix), candles, party utensils and an age appropriate wrapped gift. A few days prior to the child’s birthday, a Birthday Box is delivered to the director of the outreach facility and in turn given to the child’s family.